A Place in my Heart

Maggie Hike

Hi, I’m Maggie and camp Wyonegonic changed my life. My first year was one of the best. I met so many new friends from all around the world and even close to where I live. The counselors are so nice and they helped me with all my problems.

I had so much fun at all the activities and on all the hikes too. My favorite part about camp is EP (Evening Program). It is a fun thing we do every night after dinner. We would play fun games like capture the flag, building fairy houses, and a lot more. Camp helped me get better at archery and my swim strokes. After dinner and lunch we would get DESSERT! Also, some days we would have special breakfast like donuts.

Cabin group

Your counselors will help you set up your trunk, bags, bed, and everything. During rest hour (which is after lunch) we would write letters, read, make friendship bracelets, and sleep. During rest hours some counselors sleep too, so you have to be quiet. On Sundays whenever you get up, if there is some type of landmark or symbol that is different like a bedsheet on a picnic table outside you could go somewhere special and bring an activity to do if you’re an early riser. As you can see, Wyo (Wyonegonic) changed my life and it will always have a place in my heart.

Maggie (Age 10)


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