A Wyonegonic Reflection


Jenn in Pooh Corner

Jenn in Pooh Corner

Yup, that is I in the picture circa 1975. My name is Jennifer Hollis Perkins and I was so very fortunate to have started my Wyonegonic experience at a very young age. I began in Pooh Corner, moved through each unit as a camper: Junior, Intermediate, and Senior, was accepted and completed both the CIT and AC programs, served as a cabin counselor, the water front director, the Junior Unit Director (UD), the Intermediate UD, and now as Program Director. I have been able to share the Wyo and Winona experiences with 5 of our 6 kids. Their love for the shores is equally as strong.

Perk and Leadership Team

Perk with members of the 2019 Leadership Team

During the last several months I have had much time to reflect on my experiences at Wyo and what I learned and have taken away from my many years at Wyo. In these crazy times I have found myself extremely thankful that Wyo instilled a strong foundation that has enabled me to resolve anything that comes my way. 

Without even realizing it I was shown and taught kindness, inclusiveness, courage, resiliency, teamwork, empathy, sense of community, how to be a strong leader, how to voice my opinions and feelings, how to fall short and successfully overcome, and how to appreciate the outdoors. One my fondest memories was coming upon George Sudduth on the path who asked me if I had hugged a tree today. Often the answer was no and we would hug a tree together. I still cherish those moments. What a leader and mentor.

Perkins Children

The Perkins children

My hope for all of you during these uncertain and scary times is that you draw on your Wyo experience to keep you strong and positive. Look through some old pictures, reach out to an old camp friend and take in all that nature has to offer. Close your eyes and envision the tall pines swaying above you in grove or sing a candlelight song. This too shall pass and we will get to normal or at least a new normal. As I type this, my Winona crew is in the air coming home to Bama. This means our official household countdown till the shores in 2021 begins tomorrow. Best wishes to each of you for continued good health in 2020 and well into 2021!



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