Blow Wind Blow!

We had a wonderful windy day for the Wyonegonic Sailing Regatta today.  Congratulations to all of the sailors who participated and a huge THANK YOU to the Wyo sailing staff – you did a great job hosting the event!

2 thoughts on “Blow Wind Blow!

  1. Isabella Hübsch says:

    Hello! How was the regatta? How did Wyo do? Did we beat Winona? Who won 1st place? Who all raced? I am sorry for all the questions but I am very exited to know how it all wentt!! I miss camp and I hope this summer is going by amazinglyyyy!!
    -Isa Hübsch

  2. Susie Hammond says:

    Hi Isa!
    We miss you and hope to see you back at Wyo soon. We had a great time at the regatta – lots of wind! kiyi

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