Camp Family – Global Friends and Mentors

As a camper at Wyonegonic, I have been blessed to have been a member of such a caring, diverse, and fun community. The campers, staff, and directors have always worked to make camp a special place for everyone, and to share their love. Throughout my 10 summers at Wyonegonic, I have made friends from all around the world, ones who I cherish with my whole heart. I have also had the opportunity to learn and live with a variety of staff, ones who also hail from all around the world. These staff have a very important role, as they have been

many of my role models throughout my childhood and young adult life. They have taught me through their own experiences, and opened my eyes to different cultures and perspectives. I cannot articulate how incredible it has been to have international staff at Wyonegonic, as I make my journey into life. They help me gain courage to explore new things, while also giving me the courage to teach others about my own culture and experiences. I am able to look at the world from a new angle, and learning about different countries allowed me to gain a larger perspective of the world we live in. The wisdom these staff have given me is indescribable, and I am eternally grateful for their presence in my life (not to mention their amazing travel tips).

Ellie Cobb: AC 2021, Wyo Camper 2010- 2019

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