Remote Sites

Moose Pond Campsites

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This map is for reference only, you should procure topographical maps to use on your trip.

Campsite Regulations:

  • Campsites are offered to ACA accredited camps only
  • Camp groups are expected to follow ACA requirements for camping and swimming.
  • PFD’s must be worn in all watercraft when using Wyonegonic campsites
  • A minimum of two staff, one being over 21 must be present at all times.
  • Camp groups will provide their own Lifeguards, rescue equipment, and First Aid/CPR/AED certified staff.
  • Lifeguard should check water for natural hazards prior to swimming
  • Ratio of lifeguard to swimmers must be 1:8
  • No swimming after dark
  • Everyone must wear shoes at all times, including when in the water and swimming
  • See descriptions below for maximum group size for each campsite.; Wyonegonic prefers that group sizes are 10 or less
  • Bring your own firewood
  • Practice Leave No Trace minimum impact ethics (carry in-carry out, including toilet paper)
  • Groups must utilize catholes for human waste disposal or carry out.
  • Use necessary fire protection
  • Overnight Reservations are from noon to noon

In Case of Emergency:

  • Cell phones:  US Cellular has strong service on Moose Pond; Verizon is fair; GSM services (AT&T, Tmobile, Virgin, Sprint, etc) have no service at all.
  • We recommend that groups carry an air horn with them. If you have an emergency, blast the air horn three times continuously in the direction of Wyonegonic (eastern shore of Moose Pond). Our staff are trained to initiate an emergency if those air horn blasts are heard.
  • The Wyonegonic Office (207) 452-2051 is open 7:30am – 9:30pm. Other hours, phone rings in the directors cabin
  • Phones are located in both the Senior Office and in our Health Center – find a staff member for assistance in dialing out of camp.

Campsite Descriptions:

Freeman’s Point – this site is located on the eastern short of Moose Pond and has a lean-to and fire ring. It is accessible by water and there is a short hike up to Wyonegonic’s exit road for emergency access. Even though this site has a lean-to, it is recommended to bring your own tents for bug free sleeping. Maximum group size 12 people.

Nort’s Cove – this site is located on the western shore of Moose Pond in the cove across from Wyo’s Senior Camp. It has a fire pit and a table for food preparation. Maximum group size 16 people.

Western Wilderness – this site is located on the western shore of Moose Pond. It has a fire pit and a table for food preparation. There is an area to store your canoes on shore; the main camp area with fire ring is located a short walk north and slightly up into the woods. Maximum group size 12 people.

Batting Cove – this site is located on the western shore of Moose Pond in the cove just north of Western Wilderness. It has a fire pit and a table for food preparation. The boat landing is right in the corner of the cove, just south of the point. Walk north and slightly uphill to the campsite. Maximum group size 12 people.

Loon Island – this island site is located on the north end of lower Moose Pond. It has a fire pit and room for tents. This is a popular spot for local boaters to visit during the day, but they will usually not stop if they see a group camping there. Maximum group size 10 people.

Boat Ramp Access – There is a public boat launch located at the southern end of Moose Pond, just north of the Denmark Dam. Please use the boat launch and not the public swim beach to launch your canoes. There is a public boat launch on Route 302 in Bridgton, which is six miles north of our camp. Please exercise caution as there is only a shoulder and ramp next to the Route 302 traffic with a speed limit of 50 MPH. Do not use the private boat launch located on Mountain Road in Denmark. In an emergency, your group can take out on our waterfront. We prefer that groups do not use our waterfront as you will impact our swim and boat programs.

Campsite Reservations:

Please complete the reservation form below. You can request a specific site, however,  the Wyonegonic Trip Coordinator will confirm which site is available for your group to use.