Wyonegonic Certification Training – General Information & Policies for Registered Participants

The following information is for participants who have already registered and received enrollment confirmation from the Wyonegonic Office. Click here if you still need to register for a training.

We look forward to welcoming you to Wyonegonic’s Training Clinics. Our trainings focus on safety, teaching methods, certifications and management of activities and equipment. Contact us if you have any questions about your training clinic(s). Please understand that certification is not a guarantee but a determination made by the instructors after evaluating your performance.

Participant Checklist:

1) Information For Your Training Instructor:  It is helpful for the instructors to be familiar with your background, strengths and weaknesses pertaining to the course material. This is also an excellent place to list questions. Please click here to complete a web form that will be sent to your instructor.

2) Health Form: All participants in any Wyonegonic training clinic require a health form. Please bring a copy of your camp’s health form with you to Wyonegonic or send a copy to our office ahead of time. You will not be able to begin the clinic without producing a current health form! Use this link if you need a blank copy of the Clinic Health Form 2020

3) Course Letters:  Read the general information on this page and also use the links below to download the letter specific to your training course. This letter will include your specific training course details, pre-test information so you can fully prepare and additional packing items. This is mandatory and important information!

Training Clinics General Information:

Onsite Registration and Arrival: Registration will be held starting one hour prior to the start time of your course. We recommend that you plan your arrival to correspond with these times so you will have someone to welcome you while you register, settle in, and locate your bed and cabin space prior to the start of your course.

Onsite Health Screening: Upon arrival we will have you meet with a designated staff who will ask a few questions
regarding health screening. Participants who are ill with fever within 48 hours should not arrive to camp for

Attendance: Full attendance is required for certification. The courses are all designed as intensive resident courses with evening course work expected. (The only exceptions are the archery instructor courses which will finish before dinner each day.) Be prepared to commit full-time throughout the duration of your training course.

Room And Board: Room and board cost is included in all multi-day training clinic prices. If you need to arrive at Wyonegonic early and require an extra night accommodation or meals, please contact the camp office before your arrival to make arrangements.

Living Arrangements: Wyonegonic has rustic cabins that will be designated for males and females. Wyonegonic will provide sheets, pillows and wool blankets. We recommend you bring a sleeping bag if possible as June evenings can be cool. Bathrooms and showers are centralized with hot water. All common buildings have electricity and fireplaces for studying, reading and socializing. Limited wifi will be available in our main assembly buildings. We ask that you not have guests in camp during the course. Do not forget a flashlight or headlamp for getting around at night as the sleeping cabins do not have lights or electricity.

Meals: Breakfast 7:45 AM, Lunch 12:15 PM, Dinner 6:00 PM in the camp dining hall. Please alert us to any special dietary needs prior to your arrival. Do not keep food in the sleeping cabins. Please attend all meals as instructors often make announcements pertaining to your training.

Items To Bring: Flashlight, water bottle, travel mug for warm drinks, mosquito repellent (non-aerosol), towels, sleeping bag, swimsuit, clothing appropriate for changeable weather (include warm clothes and rain gear); Please bring a notebook, folder, writing utensils, etc… for your coursework. Bring any necessary materials pertaining to your specific training clinic as mentioned in the letters for each training listed below. We strongly recommend bringing a wetsuit for all aquatic courses as lake temperature in June can be cold and weather unpredictable. Wyonegonic is NOT responsible for your personal items including valuables, laptops, phones or cash. We cannot provide any technical support. Remember your housing is shared space with others.

Medical & Insurance: Students with prescription medications or health concerns are required to notify their instructor(s) prior to the start of the course. Please remember that all activities engaged in are “at your own risk” and the site does not carry health or accident insurance for you.  If a participant becomes ill or injured during the training, they (or their camps/employers) are responsible for arranging appropriate health care and providing transportation back home or to camp.

Participants Under Age 18: Participants under the age of 18 must provide a letter from a parent/guardian that authorizes the participant’s full participation in a training course and acknowledges that individuals are unsupervised during non-course time and in the evenings.

Substance Free Environment: For philosophical and safety reasons please be aware that Wyonegonic chooses to be a Smoke Free environment. We do not allow smoking, vape products, drinking alcohol or partaking in recreational drugs or narcotics while on Wyonegonic property. If there is a conflict with this policy, please re-consider your enrollment, as no exceptions will be made.

Additional Training Courses: Dates and times for all other Wyonegonic Courses are listed on our website. If you wish to enroll in an additional course, please inform us as soon as possible.

Travel: We assume most of you will be dropped off by your camp or that you will be driving yourself to Wyonegonic. Please email Wyonegonic at [email protected] to let us know of your travel plans. In some cases, we can also help to arrange car pools from your area if you require assistance.

Car: If driving to Wyonegonic, please arrive one hour prior to the course start time to register, unload and park your car in our designated parking locations. Click here for printer friendly directions to our camp.

Camp Directors: Please confirm that your registered staff have received this information (including International Staff). Thank you!

Please view and download the letter for your specific training course using the links below: 

Archery June 11-12

Archery June 13-14

Canoe June 5-8

Canoe June 11-14

Low and High Ropes Training

Lifeguard June 1-4

Lifeguard June 5-8

Lifeguard June 9-12

Lifeguard June 13-16

Lifeguard Review June 17-18

WSI June 9-13

Windsurf June 9-11