Dunk Your Kicks Fundraiser

Max Cure FoundationWyonegonic is pleased to be supporting the Max Care Foundations “Dunk your Kicks” program. Visiting parents are welcome to bring donations from home at any time including on camper pickup on August 13th.  We have collection boxes in both Senior and Junior/Intermediate Camps.

In addition, campers can donate their used shoes at the end of the summer prior to packing. Each child will need parental permission in order to consider donating their used camp shoes.   If you would like to give permission to your daughter to donate, please email us  and we will inform your daughter that she has the choice and permission to donate.

Donate your used Athletic Footwear for a great cause!

We are looking for donations of used or new athletic shoes in any condition, including:

• Tennis Shoes
• Basketball shoes
• Running shoes
• Light hiking shoes
• Walking shoes

MCEWe are not able to use any other footwear.

• The footwear is recycled by being cleaned, restyled, repaired and distributed in the USA and internationally

• In addition to providing this valuable service, this opportunity also removes a significant amount of textile waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Thank you very much for participating in this important program and supporting the Max Cure Foundation

Thank you to Maine Camp Experience for coordinating efforts.  Please read the following blog post regarding details of the fundraising efforts through MCE.

Dunk Your Kicks

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