In the Lake!

We are enjoying beautiful weather this week at Wyo. The crew is hard at work getting camp ready for the summer. Here are some photos of the docks going in the lake after spending the winter in the Inty parking lot. We are also picking up sticks and branches blown down by the winter wind, cleaning cabins, and prepping the Cobb dining hall for our first meal. Did you know the Wiggies act as boat houses in the winter? We will be ready for staff certification courses that start this week and can’t wait for our 2011 campers to arrive June 29!

Here comes a dock

In the lake!

Wyo docks moving into place

4 thoughts on “In the Lake!

  1. Meg & Miranda Snyder says:

    We were all the way up in Maine from Mexico in late April, and purposely drove by Wyo Road, but were saddened that it was blocked off and we couldn’t go take a stroll down cabin row. Exciting to see things happening there!

    Happy Wyo Summer to all!

    1. webmaster says:

      Sorry you couldn’t drive in. We had a long mud season due to the early departure of winter. You are always welcome to park at the end of the road and walk into camp.

  2. Gina Davies (Ball) says:

    Ah, brings back memories. Wish I could be there doing that right now instead of in rainy Birmingham, UK! I remember sweeping out the cabins with a builder’s mask on because of the dust, and getting rid of chipmunk nests and freezing lake swim training clinics… all good! Don’t forget about me yet, I WILL be back!

  3. sandy Cobb says:

    Hi! I am Sandy Cobb; PHIL COBB’s great grand daughter, ROLAND COBB’s grandaughter, PHIL & BETTY COBB’s daughter and PAM COBB’s sister. I live on GREAT POND in Belgrade Lakes year round, adjacent to CAMP RUNOIA which my parents bought in the late 50’s.. (How fortunate is that?!) I am the luckiest CR alumnae ever, I think. Anyway, that being said, I was just on my dock and saw 5 green canoes heavily burdened with trip boxes, coolers and girls fashionably adorned with goofy hats and bandanas launch from a camp site @ Oak island across from my property and thought it just had to be a WYO crew overnighting on our lake. My heart raced. I couldn’t let this slide! I was foolishly grinning from ear-to-ear! (Once a camper, always a camper, I say) So I whistled, yelled, hooted, jumped and basically made a total fool of myself, but the wind was against me and they didn’t see my silly antics. Even though I never went to Wyo as a camper ( I was slightly obligated to stay @ Runoia, tough I know!) and didn’t know these canoeists I felt a great rush of excitement and joie-de-vivre seeing the green canoes. It is heartwarming to see other campers delighting in the simple pleasures of canoeing with the wind at their back, totally oblivious to the outside world.

    So I googled Wyo and called Karen @ and she said, “no, they are at testing camp. She seemed kind of sorry she couldnt fulfill my little dream! She was lovely to chat with me. The last time I was at Wyo was @ the ribbon cutting ceremony I told her, 10 years ago when all the Cobbs and Thibodeauxs were together to commemorate your new Cobb lodge. That was a very special day for us.

    I am grateful for my camp experience and delighted that summer camps in general, but particularly single gender camps, are ALIVE AND WELL in this gorgeous state o Maine.

    Here’s a “Bo-Bo” to ALL CAMPERS AROUND THE WORLD, to CAROL, Wyo and Runoia and all those who keep it humming.

    !!!!****WYO [email protected]*****!!!! : u r the luckiest kids in the world, IMHO!!

    P.S. : I hope your gals at JMG testing camp have successful ‘soapy water boil overs’ for their WET DAY FIRES and that they can recall which billet is a black ash and which is a red oak. I remember fondly my training with GINNY GEYER [who was, of course, a Wyo gal who Runoia borrowed for a while :^) ] before I headed up to MOOSELOOKMEGUNTIC with my fellow counselor, Meg and my dog for our testing camp initiation…1972, I think.

    Thinking fondly of all my camp days, Sandy Cobb

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