Junior Maine Guides

Ten Wyonegonic Senior Campers just returned from five days at Junior Maine Guide (JMG) testing camp in Rangley Maine. The girls spent the first three weeks of the summer learning outdoor living skills, studying the map of Maine, identifying trees, honing canoe strokes and chopping and splitting wood for the famous “wet day fire” test. We’d love to congratulate all of the girls for their hard work and dedication to continuing the tradition of JMG at Wyonegonic. Next week our younger campers participating in the Junior Maine Woodsman (JMW) and Maine Woodsman (MW) programs will enjoy their culminating trips and skill testing. Perhaps they are future JMGs! For more information on the JMW, MW and JMG programs please visit Maine Summer Camps’ website.

Two Wyo JMG candidates practice lighting their wet day fire

JMG candidates return to Wyo

One thought on “Junior Maine Guides

  1. James Fogg says:

    I’m pleased to see that the Junior Maine Guide program still is alive and well. I became a JMG while a resident of Wayne, ME in 1955 after 5 days of testing at Bemis Stream on “Mooselook” Many of the skills learned at age 15 I still use today and have taught to my children and grandchildren especially the proper way to safely load and paddle a keel-less river canoe for long distances. Congratulations for keeping the program alive.

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