2021 Camper Mail and Packages

Camper Mail and Packages


Campers love to receive letters. Wyonegonic strongly encourages handwritten letters as a way of correspondence. There is something magical about receiving a handwritten letter in today’s fast-paced technical world. We suggest two letters per week as a guideline. (Daily letters are not recommended as they may contribute to homesickness.) Campers are expected to write parents a minimum of twice per week. Be patient as mail may take up to a week for delivery in the US. 

Letter Guidelines 

Before camp, please review USPS guidelines with your daughter: the correct way to address an envelope; paper only in an envelope (no bumps such as string, buttons or clasps); and use of blue or black ink. 

Please pack standard size envelopes (no larger than 11 1/2 L x 6 1/8 H inches) that are white or a light color since we stamp all outgoing mail with a postage meter. The meter has red ink and does not show up on dark-colored envelopes. All letters must fit through our automated processing equipment, so keep these guidelines in mind. 

Homesick Letter Tips 

It is normal for girls to miss home, so expect homesick letters and feelings of separation in the beginning of camp. Keep in mind, campers are writing letters during rest hour or unprogrammed time. Therefore sad feelings may be magnified, but quickly forgotten as they go on with their active day. Most campers are well-adjusted and the letter you are reading may be “old news”. Parent tip: if you do receive homesick news, reply with calm and happy letters. Use words like “love” instead of “miss.” Reassure them that “homesickness is normal” and that you believe in them and “they can get through it”. Call the directors if you feel homesickness still lingers. They will get back to you within 24 hours. This time is needed to touch base with your daughter’s counselor and/or unit director and assess your daughter’s needs. 

Care Packages 

We know that campers love to receive packages at camp and parents love to send them! However, we request some guidelines so that Wyonegonic can continue to focus on relationships, not materialistic items. Also, please help us strengthen our Wyo commitment to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle regarding care packages: 

  • For safety and health reasons, expect an additional day of internal delivery of packages once received at camp
  • Care packages are limited to one care package, per camper, per session. No food or candy is permitted. All Packages will be opened in the presence of a counselor. All food or candy received will be sent back or eaten by staff. (Please be aware that your actions affect our living environment, cabin dynamics and could encourage wildlife into the cabins.) 
  • Resources are limited when processing the large amounts of daily packages coming into camp and the recycling of the packaging and boxes after the care packages have been opened. Unfortunately due to market conditions, regional recycle facilities are limited and overloaded. Tips: Shop early to minimize last minute items sent to camp. Combine items from family and friends into one box.
  • Consider no internal packaging or use recycled newspaper that we can use later for our Newspaper Fashion Shows! Consider sending disposable or recyclable items that the whole cabin could enjoy. Items such as arts and crafts supplies, group games, books or holiday accessories that could be shared by all. This not only builds cabin cohesiveness, but also allows for items to be enjoyed by many throughout camp. Consider donating items to our camp library or costume box at the end of summer. Your donation will also alleviate limited packing space on your camper’s return home. 
  • Keep in mind, some campers do not receive any packages or letters all summer. 
  • Before buying or shipping anything, ask yourself if it can be Reduced, Reused or Recycled? 

Alternative to Postal Mail 


Although traditional letter writing is still strongly encouraged, Wyonegonic offers an electronic alternative, eLetters purchased through your CampInTouch account. You will need to purchase CampStamps, which are used as currency, to send eLetters and receive  eLetter replies (please note your camper will not have access to a computer. Campers will hand write their eLetter and the camp office will have it scanned, and through CampIntouch, it will appear in your email inbox. As a parent sending an eLetter, it will be printed once a day and sent to your daughter and viewed as a printed letter with a special header. As a parent receiving an eLetter, it will be your daughter’s handwritten letter viewed as an attachment. The eLetters and return eLetters will be treated just like postal mail in camp; printed out and distributed once a day through the Camp Office. 

How do I buy CampStamps/eLetters? 

Go to the Wyonegonic website and access your CampInTouch account by using your Parent Login. Then purchase CampStamps, which are used to send and receive eLetters. 


There is a login at the top of every page on our website. Enter your email address and password (or hit Retrieve/Reset if you forgot your password). You should now be logged in to your CampInTouch account. 

Scroll down to Your Account and click on CampStamps. Purchase your desired amount using a credit card. (If no credit card on file, go to down to Credit Card for CampStamps and Photos and enter your credit card number.)

Unused CampStamps rollover from year to year. Your CampStamp account is deducted once the emailed letter is sent. (Purchase on your credit card statement will say from CampMinder.) 

Cost of CampStamps to Send eLetters 

1 Electronic email/eLetter to your camper costs 1 CampStamp 

1 Electronic email/eLetter Reply from your camper costs 1 CampStamp 


  • 10 for $10 
  • 15 for $14 
  • 20 for $18 
  • 30 for $25 

When purchasing, keep in mind you will have the option to print blank eLetters prior to camp (see Tip below). 

To Send an eLetter

Scroll down to Online Community and click on Email. This is where you can write a letter to your camper. You can also buy eLetter Stacks (see Tip below) for your child prior to camp. You will also have the option to send a handwritten eLetter reply. 

Guest Accounts 

If you want to buy CampStamps for your family to use, scroll down to Guest Accounts to sign up a guest first, then back to purchase guest CampStamps, so that they may send eLetters. 


Prior to camp, you can print out a supply of blank eLetters, called eLetter Stacks, to give to your camper so she can write to you throughout the summer. Each blank eLetter will have a bar code, which is attached to your account. Unused eLetters, that are never sent, will not be charged to your account. eLetter Stacks can benefit campers as they can write whenever they want, without having to wait for an eLetter reply emailed from parents first.