2021 Health, Medication, Care and Insurance

Wyonegonic has a comprehensive COVID-19 multi-layered prevention and mitigation strategy. It is a flexible plan that will be adjusted as necessary in the months and weeks prior to camp, depending on state required guidelines, regulations and pandemic conditions. See the COVID -19 Practices document in the Parent Resource for further detail.

Health Center: As part of tuition, campers are cared for by a team of professionals that constitute the Wyonegonic Health Center team. The nurses and MDs are also involved with regular health screenings, COVID-19 mitigation, COVID-19 testing, and camper isolation and quarantine protocols.The nurses follow written standing orders from the local area camp primary physician and group affiliated with nearby Bridgton Hospital. Nurses assess and dispense medication from the approved inventory. They are responsible for risk management planning, primary care of injuries, dispensing of daily prescription (RX) medications, and preparations and briefing for our trip leaders. They follow the standards of the American Camp Association for Health and Wellness. 

Health Insurance: Pre-existing conditions, prescribed medications and accidents fall under the responsibility of the family medical insurance policy. Therefore, it is required that we have appropriate details of your camper’s health insurance policy on file in the Wyonegonic Health Center for our use as needed. You must provide a copy of both sides of your policy health card. You may mail this to us or scan and upload into your CampInTouch account. 

Health Form and Immunization record: State Health regulations and American Camp Association standards require that all residents in camp have a health history on file. 

  • The Health History is completed annually online via your Campintouch account. 
  • There will be a COVID-19 Health History addendum required, it will be available for completion in June. 
  • A Primary Care Physician physical exam is required annually if your camper has prescribed RX medications, daily OTC, or as needed medication brought to camp for storage and administering from the Health Center. The signed physician form is also required for any physical or mental limitations. The Primary Care Physician physical exam is required every two years if your camper does not have medications or restrictions noted above. A physical exam form is available for download so that you may take the forms to your Primary Care Physician for completion. Please complete and submit these forms by June 1. Printed forms are held in confidence at the Health Center. 
  • Immunizations records: Documented last date of Tetanus/Pertussis is required by State of Maine regulations. All other immunizations are strongly encouraged. 
  • For 2021, COVID-19 immunization is strongly encouraged but not required for any staff member or camper (age 16 or over) if they are eligible for vaccination by their local Public Health Department.

Pre Arrival Daily Health Tracking Assessment: A method for documenting daily health monitoring for the 10 days prior to arrival will be provided in the late spring.

Pre Arrival Behavior Modification: A healthy camp starts at home. Campers and staff should be asked to participate in only low risk behaviors for at least 10 days prior to Camp. Low risk behaviors are those that can be done outdoors and/or with masking and physical distancing. Campers and staff should only be unmasked with immediate household family members during this time, specifically not eating in restaurants or other eating venues with individuals outside their family unit. Gatherings of groups outside the family household are not recommended; this includes weddings, graduations, religious gatherings, sporting events, parties and playdates. Attending school, and other camps where masking and distancing is diligently employed, has not been shown to increase risk of COVID-19 and may be considered a low-risk behavior during this time. Campers and staff are encouraged to discuss their pre-camp plans with camp directors should there be any question.

Pre Arrival  COVID-19 Testing: Wyonegonic will require proof of a negative molecular RT – PCR COVID-19 test taken 3 – 5 days prior to arrival. This testing expense would be the responsibility of the family.  Expectations, instructions and advice on options will be communicated in June.

Arrival Day Testing: Wyonegonic may administer a COVID-19 rapid antigen test for all campers and staff upon arrival.

Arrival Health Screening: Be prepared for a review and discussion of daily health monitoring and precamp behaviors upon arrival at camp.

 Please inform us if your child has been exposed to or tested positive for any communicable disease at any point during the previous year.  It is critical to update camp health center staff  with any new information that has occurred since the camper’s health form was completed. 

Please inform us if your child has been exposed to head lice so that we may check and monitor her discreetly. If your daughter arrives at camp with lice, without our prior knowledge, all associated expenses for treating her will be charged to parent accounts. In 2019, treatment for headlice was billed at $300 and $35 for prophylactic treatment to camper accounts. 

At Camp COVID-19 Symptomatic Testing: During the camp sessions, any symptomatic camper will be tested for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Cabin and cohort groups or any close contacts of a confirmed positive case may be tested based on the circumstance and the consultation of our Health Center team. Tests would be performed and covered through third party insurance if available or covered at Wyonegonic’s expense.

At Camp COVID-19 Asymptomatic Testing: Wyonegonic may plan to administer a 2nd RT-PCR test 5 days after arrival to camp. Wyonegonic may test any or all asymptomatic members or the camp community at any time after arrival at camp. These tests would be  billed to third party insurance if available or covered at Wyonegonic’s expense.

Regular Health Screening: Wyonegonic Health Center Staff will perform traditional health screenings of all campers and staff to include temperature check and monitoring of symptoms.

Isolation and Quarantine Plan: Wyonegonic has a comprehensive isolation plan for presumed positive SARS-CoV-2 cases while awaiting test results. Wyonegonic will properly care for all patients while communication and a personalized plan is established with the family. Wyonegonic has a quarantine strategy in place for close contacts of any positive cases (ie Cabin Group).

Communication to Parents: It is camp policy to inform the parent/guardian of any accident or illness that requires a visit to a doctor or if your camper requires an overnight stay in the Wyonegonic Health Center. Camp Nurses or Directors will communicate to parents in the case of COVID-19 symptoms, presumed positive or clinically diagnosed cases, COVID-19 testing and test results, and in the case of a close contact quarantine.


  • Must come with clear instructions in English stating the name of the child, dose and schedule must be in an original labeled container. Modified packaging and/or repackaged medications will not be accepted nor administered. 
  • Are not permitted in camper possession or stored in camper cabins; but stored in the Health Center and administered by Health Center staff or designee. 
  • Will be collected on arrival day and reviewed with a Camp Nurse 
  • Dispensing requirements for daily RX, OTC and as needed medication or homeopathic treatment must be included on the signed physician exam form including medication orders on or attached to the form. 

Rescue inhalers (albuterol, Ventolin etc.) or Epinephrine Auto-injectors: Those campers needing to “self-carry” (carry rescue meds with them at all times) require special forms (required by Maine State Law). The camper or staff member who “self carries” must also demonstrate the ability to self administer with one of the members of the Health center team.  Contact the camp office to receive the authorization form for completion. In this scenario, bring no less than two (one for your camper and one for the Health Center). For those not needing to “self carry” but have access, the health center will collect the medication at arrival check-in and hold it in a secure location in the event there is a need.

Hospital: Our nurses follow standing orders from the Bridgton Hospital Group under the Central Maine Medical Family of Hospitals and Physicians. The hospital is located 6 miles from camp. Additionally, there are three walk-in ready care clinics located within 30 minutes of Camp. We use the Bridgton Hospital for Emergency Room if needed and Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston or as directed for crisis care. In the event the parent cannot be reached, it is understood by the electronic signing of the health form in your CampInTouch account, that the directors and the camp nurses have the authority to act upon the recommendation of an attending physician in case of medical treatment or surgical necessity.