2021 Homesickness


We expect children to be homesick and look at it as a normal event. Most campers adapt to camp quickly as they become busy with camp activity and make new friends. Wyonegonic provides training and tools for staff to look for signs of homesickness and to mitigate ordinary cases. The more difficult cases typically pull in the unit directors,  nurses and contact to parents via Directors. 

There are experiences and conversations that should occur at home in preparation for camp. We invite you to listen to the experts or read the resources listed below. 

Resilience – short video
by Dr. G – Dr. Debra Gilboa

The Resilience Cycle
by Dr. G – Dr. Debra Gilboa

Prevention and Care Your Child’s Health at Camp 
by Linda Ebner Erceg, RN, MS, PHN 

Essentials of Homesick Prevention: Dramatic Reductions in Homesick Intensity Depend on What You Do Before Opening Day
by Christopher Thurber Ph.D 

Homesickness Blog
by Rachel Kelly Williams, Wyonegonic Unit Director