2021 Preparing and Packing for Camp

Preparing an Packing for Camp

Please pack carefully. Less is better than more! Campers clothes will be kept in a footlocker. Campers also have a shelf that holds personal items like hair care products, a toothbrush, a flashlight, and writing materials. Laundry will be done once a week and will be returned after 24-48  hours. 

Footlockers are a necessary item to contain clothing and belongings. Our preferred model C&N Footlockers The Happy Camper, is available through EverythingSummerCamps. You may borrow a gently used footlocker from Wyonegonic at no fee, supplies may be limited, arrangements must be made in advance. No footlockers are shipped out of the country at the end of the season. Winter storage of footlockers and camp clothes is permissible. There is a $75 storage fee. 

Baggage Shipping: Advance planning for shipping baggage is important. Footlockers are not permitted on camp chaperoned buses or vans. We encourage you to use The Mailing Center for shipping to and from camp. Locate the Camp Forms dropdown from the homepage to sign up for the service. The mailing center service uses UPS (United Parcel Service) for delivery. This is the same system used by our brother camp Winona. There is a simple process to create an account and have your parcel picked up at home and delivered to camp. On departure, the mailing center will collect all parcels prearranged for pickup. 

We furnish all bedding, this includes sheets, wool blankets and pillows with pillow cases. Many campers choose to bring a soft fleece blanket, light comforter or throw to put on top of their beds to make it more personalized. Valuable bedding should be left at home. If you send personal sheets with your camper please remember that laundry is gone for at least 24 hours. Bath towels are necessary but we suggest that large, thick beach towels be left at home, as they are difficult to dry on our clothes lines under the shade of the trees. 

Sundries: Complimentary replacement items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, pens, stationery, postcards, flashlights and batteries (AA and AAA) are available during the summer. 

Hand Sanitizer: Personal size hand sanitizer is encouraged. Wyonegonic will have plenty of hand sanitizer available throughout camp locations. We will be able to  re-fill personal size containers from our larger supply.

Facial Coverings: We expect that there will be scenarios when the wearing of a facial covering will be required. Personal washable masks must be of a proper fit. Buffs or neck gators provide convenience but must be double layered in order to be effective as a protective face covering. Wyonegonic will have an ample supply of  disposable masks available.

Suggestions for Trips

  • Sleeping Bags: A sleeping bag that compacts into a stuff sack is recommended. 
  • Backpacks: Day packs (school sized book packs) are helpful for day hikes. For campers choosing to do extensive overnight backpacking, a sturdy frame pack that includes a hip belt is recommended. Camp has a limited shared supply of framed backpacks. 
  • Footwear: Sturdy running shoes or low top hikers are appropriate on most day hikes. Hiking boots with ankle support are necessary for backpacking and more extensive hikes. Make sure the boots are broken in before camp. These boots can also serve your child well for rainy days around camp. For canoe trips, sport sandals or water shoes with heel support are practical such as Tevas, Keens, or Chacos. 

Important Considerations

  • We require all envelopes be white for our postage meter, envelopes must meet the standard size dictated by postal regulations. (No larger than 11.5” L and 6.125” H) 
  • Leave all valuables at home – jewelry, money, cell phones, electronics, tablets, etc. Those who need money, cell phones etc. for independent travel to and from camp, are required to secure these valuables in the camp office. They are not permitted in the cabins. 
  • We suggest a disposable camera as there is no place for campers to recharge batteries. 
  • Make sure your name is on everything. Bring extra name labels. Permanent black laundry marking pens are acceptable for labeling items. For items that cannot take a label such as a toothbrush or flashlight, consider a name tape wrapped in clear adhesive tape. 
  • All medicines must be locked in the Health Center, under the care of the nurses. 
  • We are a smoke free environment that includes any type of smoking or vaping. All staff and campers are expected to adhere to this policy. 

Other items to consider bringing

  • Rest hour activities. Suggestions include books, arts and crafts, quiet games (cards), writing materials. 
  • Include one favorite stuffed animal for your bed. 
  • Musical instruments and sheet music. 
  • Tennis balls and racquet. Camp also has a shared supply. 
  • Age appropriate books to read. Please keep magazines and games in good taste. 
  • It is a good idea to bring bug repellent lotion or stick. Aerosol sprays are not permitted. 

Items Not to bring

  • No electronic items; the cabins do not have electricity. There is no way to recharge any battery powered device. 
  • No make-up. 
  • No need to bring a pocket knife (we have all necessary equipment in our camping department). 
  • Food and candy is not permitted. Please inform your family and friends that food or candy sent in the mail, will be returned to the sender. (or eaten by staff!). All packages are opened in the presence of a counselor. 
  • There is no room in the cabins for clutter. As parents, please monitor the packing process. We do not allow sets of drawers, posters or multiple stuffed animals. 

Thanks for appreciating our focus on non-material things. People and the beauty of the outdoors will make your daughter’s summer a valuable experience.