2021 Wyopedia

Wyonegonic – Tradition handed down over the years tells us that Wyonegonic is a term for “long lake.”  

AC – Second year of Leadership Training – “Assistant Counselor” (entering senior year of high school).

ACA – American Camp Association, professional member organization for camps and camp directors. Wyonegonic is accredited by ACA. 

 Brother/Sister visit – Once or twice each session, Wyonegonic sisters and Winona brothers visit after Sunday lunch

Buddy Letter – Returning campers are assigned a new camper and encouraged to write a letter in May. The intent is to help welcome a new camper by offering to answer questions. 

Cabin Night – Once a week on Sunday the cabin group chooses to do something together during Evening Program (EP). 

Campsites – Camp owned property on Moose Pond where cabin groups may sleep out overnight: Loon Island, North Woods, Batting Cove, Nort’s Cove, Freeman’s Point, Western Wilderness.

Candyline –  Each camper may choose one piece of candy once or twice a week as a special treat. Fruit, nut free and non-chocolate options are  available as alternatives.

CIT – First year of Leadership Training, “Counselor in Training” (entering junior or senior year of high school).

Cobb Lodge – Our Dining hall was built in 2001. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are scheduled in multiple seatings and assigned times to accommodate the full camp population. 

EP – Evening Program occurs  after dinner. Many special events and camp traditions engage campers for an hour before bedtime in their unit. Once per week there is an all-camp EP.

Evening Circle – Campers and counselors sing every night before bedtime during evening circle. A hand squeeze is passed around the circle with a wish, and the traditional song “Kiyi Wyonegonic” is sung to close the day.

Family Camp – After the camper season in August, Wyonegonic opens for family camp sessions. Each family lives in a cabin; meals are served; and activities are supervised. 

Greenie – Toilet building in camp. Located in close proximity to the camper sleeping cabins.

Grove – Pine Grove in the tall pines in the middle of camp; this is a non-denominational weekly service which is led by campers and counselors involving singing, simple dramatics, dance and creative writing.

Head Counselor – assists the Unit Director with unit communication and staff support

JMG – Junior Maine Guide; MW Maine Woodsman; JMW – Junior Maine Woodsman. Achievement levels in an outdoor living skills program run by the State of Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

Kiyi and Hileo – Tradition handed down over the years that honors the local peoples’ terms used for greetings, much like Aloha.  Therefore they are used for both hello or goodbye. 

Pleasant Mountain The 2,006 foot mountain across the lake is our view shed and is protected from development by the Loon Echo Land Trust. Wyonegonic uses the mountain for hikes, overnights and beautiful views!

Program Director – Responsible for camper schedules and staff assignments.

Teams – Division of two groups within each unit, traditional in nature and used for EPs, games and convenience.  Team emphasis is on sportsmanship not competition. Two team leaders are elected by their peer group.

Trip Shack – In the back of the Senior Wiggie. Pack out area for all canoe trips and hikes.

Unit Director “UD” – Responsible for campers, staff and program for the particular age group (Junior, Intermediate and Senior). UDs are “camp moms” for the campers and staff!

Wiggie – Main lodge in each unit – Junior, Intermediate, Senior. Used for some evening activities, rainy days and as an assembly and meeting place. 

Winona – Wyonegonic’s brother camp located 5 miles north on Moose Pond. The two camps were founded by the Cobb family and are the oldest brother/sister camps in the country.