Camp Clothing Guidelines

Click here to download and print a Camper Packing List.

Everyday Attire: Camp colors are forest green and white

  • Shorts may be tan/khaki, forest green or white. No other shades of green are acceptable.
  • Shirts may be forest green or white with or without Wyonegonic logos (no other logos; plain white, plain forest green are permitted).
  • Required Sunday grove attire is white shorts and white shirt.
  • Swimsuits, night clothes and rain gear have no color requirement.
  • Jeans, black tights or other long pants are acceptable as weather dictates.
  • If you are not using Amerasport, make sure clothing is forest green or white and plain (without logos).
  • Tops with spaghetti straps and bare midriffs are not acceptable (tank tops are ok).

Laundry is gone for 24 hours each week; therefore, a ten day supply of clothing is suggested, depending on a child’s habits. A mesh laundry bag is provided by camp.

Requirements for Swimmers: Campers are required to wear a white bathing cap while swimming. White caps are part of our risk management plan for all swimmers in the water. Campers prefer Lycra caps and we request that you send at least two. You may order the white Lycra caps from Amerasport or purchase them in a sporting goods store.

Recommendations for Swimmers: We prefer athletic one-piece, quick-drying, nylon, swimsuits. If your daughter brings a two-piece suit, make sure it is practical for vigorous swim lessons and is of appropriate design. Campers should have at least two suits. UV protection swim shirts are available through Amerasport or grUVy wear. Swim goggles are recommended.

Sport Sandals must have a heel strap. Shoes or sandals that can get wet and be worn in a canoe are recommended. Water shoes, Tevas, Chacos or Keens are good; flip flops are not. Crocs may be worn only if heel strap is in place..

Special Events: Colorful attire is permitted for several special events each session. For first session and full season campers these include the 4th of July, and Wyo Valentines. For second session and full season campers these include Wyo Holiday, Wyoween, and Cinco de Wyo. Campers do not need an outfit for each holiday, but could pack something colorful that work for most. Red is popular.

Senior Campers may wear street clothes of good taste for the co-ed social event held with Winona.

Personal Labels for Clothing and Gear are mandatory and may be ordered through Amerasport or Oliver’s Labels (which are available through your CampInTouch Account). If you order clothing through Amerasport prior to May 1 and you request, their labels can be attached free of charge.

Amerasport – Official uniform and personal equipment outfitter

  • Use the Amerasport form as a guideline for your camper’s clothing supply.
  • Plan ahead and allow time for ordering from Amerasport as items are customized with camp logo.
  • Amerasport services several camps. We recommend you do not order at the last minute.
  • The forest green fleece jacket or the hooded sweatshirt are cozy and popular. Campers enjoy using these items 12 months of the year!
  • Check your daughter’s measurements before you order; if an item does not fit properly, return to Amerasport with specific instructions and allow time for the exchange.
  • International orders will be shipped directly to camp.

Requirements for Horseback Riders:

Helmet: Campers are required to wear a riding helmet. The helmet must meet the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) #F1163-04a standard for safety. The helmet needs to bear the seal of the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI). Wyonegonic owns some helmets which can be shared by campers. A plastic disposable hairnet is provided and required for these community helmets. If your camper owns a helmet she may bring it to camp. If your camper rides frequently, we suggest you consider purchasing her own helmet. Proper fit is essential for personal riding helmets to be used at camp. Please also make sure helmets have not been damaged in any way or involved in a previous impact. We recommend helmets that are adjustable for both proper fit and to accommodate growing children. The best way to purchase a helmet is through a local tack shop so you can try on the helmet to verify a proper fit. Please label your personal helmet before coming to camp. If a personal helmet does not bear the proper safety documentation or is deemed not to be a proper fit, your camper will be provided with a camp helmet and Wyonegonic will hold the personal helmet in storage until your camper’s departure.

Long Pants can be jodhpurs, riding pants or jeans.

Riding Footwear must have heels and smooth soles that can easily come out of stirrups. Camp has a limited supply of riding boots at the stables that can be shared by campers. Like helmets, if your camper plans on riding frequently, we suggest you provide her own footwear.

Tack Shops and Mail order Companies:

If you are interested in purchasing a complete camper package of helmet, britches and boots, please contact Emily at Hemphills Horses. Vassalboro, ME 207-872-7964 info[email protected]