Visiting Your Camper

We like you to visit and see your child in activities, meet her friends and enjoy camp. Please realize that most campers do not have visitors and for those that do, the adjustment after a visit may be difficult. A short outing away from camp for ice cream, a meal or shopping may be appreciated by your daughter. Bridgton and North Conway are resort towns and local resources are stretched during mid-summer when many area camps have “parent weekends.” We request ten days to acclimate your camper to Wyonegonic before visitation is open.

Visit dates
Session I campers July 4 – July 17
Session II campers July 27 – August 6
Full session campers July 5 – August 6

  • When you know your visit date, please complete and digitally sign the online “Camper Visit” form found in the Parent Login. If an immediate relative is visiting in lieu of parents,  you must designate that person on this form as we must have the equivalent of written authorization in advance.
  • Beware of your GPS or Google Maps directions and come in the main entrance only off Route 117. (Our road accommodates one-way traffic). For Senior Camp, use the left fork; for Intermediate and Junior, use the right fork. Check in with your daughter’s Unit Director when you arrive.
  • Pets are not welcome in camp so please leave them in the car. You may exercise your pet in the upper fields beyond the horse barn near the canoe trailers.
  • Campers may leave camp one time each session with immediate family only. Therefore, seven week campers may have one visit each session.
  • Please do not ask to take other campers with you.
  • See that your camper follows the sign-out/sign-in procedure in her respective unit.
  • Please exercise good judgment in what she eats when out of camp, as we hope to keep our Health Center free of unnecessary tummy upsets.
  • Please see that your daughter is back in camp by the following times: Junior 7:45pm; Intermediate 8:15pm; Senior 8:45 pm. It is not permitted that campers stay out overnight.
  • There is no smoking allowed anywhere on our property as we are a smoke-free environment.
  • Parents/relatives are welcome to visit campers in camp and join them for mid-day buffet lunch on our dining hall porch or Saturday evening BBQ dinner in the unit (weather permitting). You are welcome to go for a swim, enjoy a boat ride, or play game of tennis. Please check with the counselor on duty. We require that all guests wear a personal floatation device (PFD) for watercraft equipment.
  • As stated by the American Camp Association, staff members may not accept tips or gifts from parents.

Thank you for your cooperation!
(Please share these policies with family members or relatives who might be visiting.)

Bridgton, Maine (10 minute drive)
Chamber of Commerce 207-647-3472

North Conway, NH (40 minute drive)
Chamber of Commerce 603-356-3171

Naples, Maine (20 minute drive)
Chamber of Commerce 207-693-3472

Portland, Maine (One hour drive)
Chamber of Commerce 207-772-2811

Many local motels require a three-night minimum in July and August because of demand.
Campgrounds are also available on Long Lake, Sebago Lake or the Saco River.