2021 Family Camp

Wyonegonic is planning for Family Camp based on the current guidance which was written for summer 2020. We do not expect formalized updated guidance from the State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services to be available until the spring. Preparation for 2021 is a fluid process. Please refer to our COVID-19 Practices for the most up to date information we have.


The beauty of Family Camp is to enjoy each day at your own pace. It provides a refreshing experience in the out of doors in a beautiful location. Family Camp can be an introduction to the summer camp experience for a prospective camper and her family.

Family Camp is a chance to have fun together; to relax and become reacquainted in a simple setting. It is an opportunity to retreat from the demands of work and school and renew family feelings and spirit.

2021 Date and Rates


We are offering a single session of Family Camp this summer.

Friday August 20 lunch through Wednesday August 25 lunch


A deposit is required with your registration form which is equal to the cost of the cabin/tent fee for the session. This fee is in addition to the Attendance Fees listed below. Cancellations after July 15th will forfeit this deposit.

Cabin Fee  $300
Tent Fee  $100

Attendance Fees

Fees are shown, per individual. There is a reduced fee for Juniors (age 5-10) and Seniors (over 64). There is no charge for children  under age 5. No adjustments are made for people arriving late or departing early. The attendance fees is due July 15th.


  Adult Age 5-10/Senior
2021 Session $450 $225

Please contact our Camp Office with any questions.

Click here for the 2021 Family Camp Registration Form