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Wyonegonic is proud to own one of the longest stretches of shoreline of any summer camp. It stretches over two miles on Moose Pond. We have two separate waterfronts serving our Senior and Intermediate/Junior Camps. The waterfronts are under the supervision of American Red Cross certified lifeguards and instructors.


All campers participate in the American Red Cross Learn-To-Swim program. It’s objective is to teach campers how to swim and to be safe in, on and around the water. There are six levels through which the campers progress as their skills develop. We also offer diving, endurance and synchronized swimming. Recreational swim is optional and is available twice a day. Interested campers from any unit may have the opportunity to participate in the annual Big W Swim Meet at Winona Camps.

New campers start their Wyonegonic experience learning to paddle in vintage 1920’s Old Town and Chestnut wood canvas canoes. Intermediate and Senior campers have the opportunity to continue their canoeing experience both in and out of camp. Please visit our Outdoor Living Skills section to learn how canoeing is integrated into our Outdoor Living Skills program.

We have a fleet of eight Vanguard 15 sailboats. Beginning sailors can build their confidence by sailing with a staff member. Campers learn boat safety and care of equipment in addition to increasing their sailing skills by hands-on practice in the boats. All sailing abilities can challenge themselves by participating in Wyonegonic’s achievement level system and learning additional sailing nomenclature and skills. Senior campers have the opportunity to practice their racing sailing skills and participate in a weekly Inter-camp Regatta series. Wyonegonic hosts an invitational Sailing Regatta each July.

Windsurfing and Kayaking

Our windsurfing program is very popular and offers a new challenge to our Senior Campers. Campers learn to surf accompanied by a partner in a kayak.

We have Old Town Huron Junior kayaks which are ideal for our younger campers. Sit-on-top kayaks are available for Junior and Intermediate campers for recreational use. Sit-on-top and surf kayaks are also used to support our Senior windsurfing program. These craft make it very easy for the girls to help each other learn to sail.

Stand Up Paddleboarding
Senior and Intermediate campers enjoy our two fleets of SUPs. The ease to learn, enjoyment on the water and great exercise have made this newer sport a popular recreational and fitness activity.

Water-skiing & Kneeboarding
Senior Campers have the opportunity to ski or kneeboard approximately once a week.

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