2021 Dates and Fees

Online registration is now available for our Family Camp. Please read this page carefully before clicking on link below.

2021 Date and Rates

We are offering a single session of Family Camp this summer.

Friday August 20 lunch through Wednesday August 25 lunch


A deposit is required with your registration form which is equal to the cost of the cabin/tent fee for the session. This fee is in addition to the Attendance Fees listed below. Cancellations after April 15th will forfeit the deposit.

Cabin Fee  $300
Tent Fee  $100

Fees are shown, per individual, per session. There is a reduced fee for Juniors (age 5-10) and Seniors (over 65). There is no charge for children  under age 5. No adjustments are made for people arriving late or departing early. 50% of the attendee amount is due April 15th. The remaining 50% of the attendee amount is due July 15th. There are no refunds for cancellations that occur after July 15th.

Attendance Fees

  Adult Age 5-10/Senior
2021 Session $450 $225

Please contact our Camp Office with any questions.