Facility and Meals

Facilities: Wyonegonic has over 700 acres of pine woods and over 2 miles of shoreline. Families live in rustic cabins without electricity. Toilets and hot showers are centralized. There are also a limited number of platform tents.  Pets are not permitted. The Wiggie serves as the main lodge. Other common buildings with fireplaces are available for games, reading and socializing. Wyonegonic is a non-smoking community.

Waterfront: One of our most popular program areas is our waterfront. It is guarded by trained lifeguards and has appropriate swimming areas for all ages and abilities. Canoes, rowboats, sailboats and kayaks are also available. Water skiing and sail boarding are limited for those 11 and up. We do require a swim evaluation in order to use water craft.

Meals: Meals are served in the Cobb Dining Hall according to the schedule below. An outdoor cookout of hot dogs, hamburgers, veggie burger, fresh corn, salad, watermelon and dessert will be served once per session. Down East steamed lobster is available for an extra charge. Please visit our Food and Health page for more information.

8:00 AM Family style breakfast
12:30 PM Buffet lunch (pack lunches available)
6:00 PM Family style dinner