Assistant Counselor

For: Girls entering Senior year or high school graduates

  • A maximum of 12 girls
  • Girls with experience in camp activities
  • Girls interested in interacting with campers and counselors
  • Girls interested in “practice teaching” in camp activities

Dates: Full Season. Assistant Counselors are invited to attend staff training week.

The objective of the program is to develop leadership in a “hands on” environment:

  • Continue developing skills and teaching techniques
  • To assist staff in teaching
  • To learn responsibilities of cabin counseling by living with campers and assisting the cabin counselor
  • To attend Pre-Camp training with counselors
  • To learn to evaluate self, others and the camp program
  • To gain experience in planning special all-camp events
  • To visit other camps
  • To accomplish a Community Service Project

To discuss and experience further:

  • Leadership qualities
  • Behavioral characteristics of campers
  • Goals of summer camp experience
  • ACA Standards
  • Health and safety practices
  • To appreciate the importance of risk management planning

The program consists of assisting in activities, cabins & unit under responsibility of the Unit Director and Program Director;  meeting with the Leadership Training Director three times a week:

  • ACs assist in cabins
  • ACs assist on trips
  • ACs assist in daily teaching
  • ACs assist with unit events and EPs

ACs plan and direct the following:

  • All Camp Campfire
  • Evening Program
  • Traditional Camp Events
  • Sunday Grove Service
  • Project with CITs

Living Arrangements:

ACs live in either a platform tent with two or three peers or in a camper cabin with a mentor counselor and group of campers.

There is no tuition for the Assistant Counselor program