Self Portrait Artwork

In college a few years ago in my fundamentals of design class we were asked to create a self portrait through written text. My teacher asked that we get creative and think about what it is that really makes you who you are. We had to create this image through drawing or writing words only and these words had to be related to what the image portrayed. I chose to do a scene from the waterfront of camp because camp has helped to shape the person who I am today. A few examples of the words I picked were kiyi, confidence, independent, brave, and strong. I believe that at camp I am free to be 100% myself and I am fully accepted and loved for that. To this day I still have Wyonegonic to thank for helping me become the woman I am today. Wyo helped me to gain leadership experience, helped me try new things, introduced me to people from all over the world, and helped to give me my voice. I bring my Wyonegonic memories and experience with me everyday. I wish everyone was fortunate enough to have an opportunity like Wyonegonic!

Emma Battey Wyo Camper 2009-10; CIT/AC 2011-12; Staff 2014-16

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