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Wyonegonic Camps solar energy Fronius Revision EnergyIn celebration of Earth Day 2012, here is a shout out from an Alumnus of the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Vermont. The school’s Aiken Center Building is well on the way to achieving a LEED Platinum rating. It was through a Rubenstein School  newsletter, that I learned what company was contracted for the solar energy improvements incorporated into the Aiken Center.

When I was referred to a partnering company here in southern Maine, a perfect storm type of opportunity was presented. The outcome is that Revision Energy recently completed a photo voltaic 17.5 kilowatt energy generating system for our Camp Dining Hall. This should cover 110% of the annual energy demand for the building. We have added a Sustainability page to our website where you can view the daily production of our system.

As Wyonegonic prepares for it’s 111th summer, our solar panels are already hard at work. Our commitment to “green initiatives” ties to our sustainability pledge made as members of Maine Summer Camps. Thanks Rubenstein School! Steve Sudduth

2 thoughts on “Solar Energy

  1. Diane White Mealo says:

    Hi Steve,

    I hope this finds all well with you and the Sudduth families. I just met with Jeff Moreau with the University of Vermont Foundation who was visiting here in Florida. We got to talking about all of the changes on campus and the greening of the Aiken Center. It reminded me of your blog so I shared your website and comments with him.

    On a side note, Olivia and I are scheduled to fly into Portland on 1/19 for a week with my mom. I see from the wyo calendar that there will be a gathering at your mother’s place. We hope to get by for a visit after we drop off our bags.

    Take care,

  2. Steve Sudduth says:

    Great to hear from you and thank you for passing along the blog comments to Jeff Moreau.
    It would be great to see you at the farmhouse on 1/19!

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