Current Staff

Welcome Staff 2015! We hope that some of the information in this section helps to prepare you for the summer.

Get excited to:

  • Share your love for the outdoors
  • Motivate girls to learn
  • Work with a team
  • Challenge yourself
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Make teaching exciting
  • Experience the benefits of residential living
  • Use your creativity
  • Be a positive role model
  • Meet amazing people from around the world
  • Work hard
  • Have fun!

“Wyonegonic is home.  It is where I grew up.  It is family.  To work alongside these folks, and get to know a diverse and talented group of people new to Wyo last summer, was a dream.  There is pretty much nothing that makes me happier than passing down the home I found at Wyo to new campers.  In my cabin last summer I had one lead in the play, three ladies who’d rather do anything than shower, two beds under which anything could be lurking, and one glamor princess.  More than anything, it is to watch and support these girls grow and enjoy themselves outside that I would like to return to Wyo for another summer on staff.” a returning counselor