Health Information

All staff members must provide the Wyonegonic Camps Health Center with the following health information prior to your arrival at camp.

These forms can be found in the Staff Login section our website.

Health History: This online web form has seven pages that can be completed on any internet device.  It is the same information that has been on the paper forms in the past

Please be sure to have the following information in hand before you start the forms:

  • Name and contact information for your physician and dentist
  • Health Insurance provider’s name, address, phone numbers, policy holder’s name, Policy number and Group number. If your insurance carrier does not provide a group number, please enter the company’s name again. International staff may need to skip (and complete later) the insurance section until after they receive details on policy numbers from their sponsor organization
  • Prescription coverage – if your insurance also provides prescription coverage, enter the insurance carrier’s name and policy number again along with the RXBin#

On each page of the Health History, you can use the “Save for Later” button if you do not have all the required information or want to return at a later time.

Immunization Record: You will need to provide us with a history of your immunization record.  You may enter this information on your online health history form or many doctors’ offices can provide a printed report from their records which you can send to camp. If you prefer, you can download and print a copy of the blank “Immunization” document to provide us with the information.

Physical Exam Form: A Primary Care Physician physical exam is strongly recommended for all. A signed physical exam form is required if you have prescribed medications or have any limitations. Your physician must note any medications or limitations on the physical exam form with their signature.

The Physical Exam form is available for download as a .pdf document.  You can take this form to your doctor for completion and then it can be uploaded into your account. Or, many doctor’s offices will provide you with their own paper copy of the exam which you can then upload into your account. International staff may already have a version provided by their sponsoring organization which can be uploaded as well.

Instructions for Staff Login:

  • If you are a returning staff member, you can use the same email and password that you used last summer.
  • If you are a returning staff member and you forgot your password, use the blue “Set/Retrieve Password” link on the Staff Login page.
  • If you are a new staff member, you will need to set a password using your email and the blue “Set/Retrieve Password” link on the Staff Login page.
  • If you are a camp parent, as well as a staff member, you will find your camper’s Forms and Documents along with your own under this same login.

In the future, you can access your Staff Login using the link found at the top of every page on our website.

If you have any questions please contact the Wyonegonic Office.