Social Networking

Wyonegonic Staff should be aware of several suggestions and tips for Social Networking . While we see social media as a positive and an easy way for friends to stay in touch with each other, please be aware that as employees of the camp you should take some responsibility in protecting Wyonegonic and the members of our camp community from any inappropriate conduct.

We encourage staff and their families to follow announcements, news, photos and engage with Wyonegonic and our camp community on our official Wyonegonic pages and feeds.

Each year, Wyonegonic hosts a closed and private facebook group for our current staff to get to know each other prior to the summer and start discussions on staff training topics. We hope this helps staff as they prepare for the summer. Please contact [email protected] if you need information on joining the group.

Here are a few guidelines from Wyonegonic:

Parental permission is required to use a photo of a camper. Wyonegonic manages permission forms and makes decisions on official camp photo use, this permission does not extend to our staff.

Obtain permission from other Wyonegonic employees before posting any photos of them online.

Likewise, written permission from the Sudduths is required for the use of the Wyonegonic Camps name or logo.

Keep the site content appropriate. (What you might consider harmless could be inappropriate from another’s point of view. Remember that other staff and friends are not the only people potentially looking. Parents, campers and future employers could be searching for you and see what you have posted.)

You will only protect yourself by thinking twice about what you post or say online.

It is best to keep your pages protected and private so only your invited “friends” can view your details.

Maintain appropriate relationships with campers in your off-season communications with them. Be sure to maintain the line between mentor and friend and do not put yourself in difficult situations. Remember to maintain a professional relationship and limit sharing personal information about yourself or others.

Do not communicate online with campers under the age of 13. Most email services and social media sites do not allow children under 13 to use their services.

We know that campers like to stay in touch with each other and that social networking sites, instant messaging, video chats and phone calls are now common. If you see anything that is potentially harmful to another camper, staff member or Wyonegonic, please intervene just as you would at camp. Consider contacting camp about any negative or harmful issues you may come across.

Thank you for helping us make sure that Wyonegonic and our campers and staff can stay in touch in a meaningful and safe way!