What to Bring

Camp life is simple. Part of the beauty of camp is to live without the many material things we “depend” on during the year. Summer weather in Maine is generally comfortable and warm, however it is very unpredictable so be prepared for changes. If you are coming early for training be advised that June can be cool and damp. Layers work well!

Clothing pack carefully: There is limited space for your personal gear in your cabin. You should plan on an eight day supply of clothes (laundry is gone from camp for 24 hours).

Uniform Required for Camper Season: We do not want clothing to be an expense to you, however it is important that you dress within the guidelines expected of all staff and campers. Wyonegonic uniform colors are Forest Green, White, and Khaki.

  • Shorts: forest green, white and khaki (beige, tan or stone colored)
  • T-shirts/tank tops/long sleeve shirts: forest green or white (no logos other than Wyo)

We also recommend you bring the following (your specific job description may affect this list).

  • Rain gear or waterproof jacket
  • Footwear – rubber soled tennis/running shoes, lightweight hiking boots, watershoes/tevas
  • Long pants – 2 pairs jeans, khakis or sweatpants
  • Shorts – 4/5 pairs (1 white included – tan khaki’s are easy to buy locally)
  • Shirts – T-shirts or short sleeved sport shirts, tank tops with thick straps (no spaghetti straps)
  • Warm clothing – e.g. white turtlenecks, forest green or white pullovers/jumpers/sweatshirts, long sleeved forest green fleece jacket, forest green fleece vest
  • Bathing/swim suits – any color
  • Towels – We suggest more than one towel to allow for drying time & rainy days
  • Hat for sun protection
  • Socks and underwear
  • Toiletries

All white clothing is worn to Grove Service on Sunday.

Wyonegonic provides one New camp t-shirt to each new staff member as a gift.

Wyonegonic Loaners: Wyonegonic will loan all staff at least two other camp T-shirts. Those with a need for additional shirts or clothing are welcome to dip into Wyonegonic’s donated/leftover supply and borrow them for the summer. We have limited green sweats and fleece jackets to loan. It would be wise to bring any of your own clothing that meets the above uniform requirements.

International Staff: Wyonegonic loans the following to you to lighten your packing load; towels, bedding, and footlockers to store clothes in your cabin.

During your time off, Pre-Camp and  training courses you may wear any colors.  On July 4th, you may wear red, white, and blue.

Amerasport is the official camp clothing outfitter. You may choose to visit their website now. If you do choose to order anything, be sure to mark on it “STAFF DISCOUNT APPLIES”. Internationals may wish to have orders mailed directly to camp. You may consider holding off on purchases until you see what you can borrow from camp.

Other Gear: Many of you will have the opportunity to go on a Wilderness camping trip, therefore consider the following in addition to the above: sleeping bag, hiking boots, wool socks, long underwear, sun protection, wind pants/waterproof trousers, waterproof gear bag/duffle bag (canoe trips), framepack (hiking trips).

Flashlights or headlamps are necessary because there is no electricity in the sleeping cabins. We suggest that you pack your light in your carry on luggage so it is easily accessible upon arrival at camp. Tip – swap the batteries around during travel so the light does not turn on accidentally and burn out!

Footlocker: Because there is no hanging space or drawers in the cabin, a footlocker or big suitcase helps keep clothes together. International Staff are loaned a footlocker for the summer. If you are shipping: UPS maximum weight is 150 pounds and the girth is 130 inches; U.S. Parcel Post is 70 pounds and the girth is 108 inches. Allow eight days for delivery or bring with you. Write your name, camp address and  “Staff- Do Not Hold”.

The Camp Store sells some incidentals. Staff may purchase items: eg. flashlights, batteries, toothpaste, stamps, postcards.

Other Useful Items to Bring:

  • Backpack or day pack
  • Musical instrument/music (we have 3 pianos in camp)
  • Camera
  • Reading material
  • Music for dance class/aerobics or special events
  • Bug repellent (no aerosol cans allowed)
  • Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Hat

You are responsible for your own belongings and keeping them secure in your small locker in the staff room.

We Discourage:

  • Laptop/Notebook/Tablet computers – We will provide you with internet access using our computers located in the staff rooms. If you decide to bring your own laptop or internet device, please consider the following:
    • It may only be used in the Staff Room on your day off or after Taps.
    • It must be stored in your locker in the staff room. Computers and phones cannot be stored in your cabin.
    • We do provide limited, open internet access. However, it is a slow connection due to our rural location and the fact that many Wyo computers are already using that connection.
    • Wyonegonic will not provide any tech support for your computer or device, nor will you have access to a printer. If you need to print travel documents while at camp, the Office can assist you with advance notice.
  • Valuables – jewelry, special clothes, excessive cash (travelers checks or bank cards recommended)
  • Electronics – cell phones, hair dryers,  and hand held internet devices or video games. There are no electric outlets in the cabins or bathrooms in camp. Electronic devices can only be used out of camp while on your time off or in the Staff Rooms.
  • Bikes are not allowed in and around camp. They are permissible for time off but be warned that it is a tough climb out of camp on the uphill gravel road.
  • Leather soled shoes or shoes with heels; shoes with slippery soles are treacherous on our pine needles and roots. Flat rubber soles work best to avoid twisted ankles.
  • Clothing with large, excessive or inappropriate logos, advertising, school names, etc.
  • Spaghetti Straps and midriff baring tops.
  • Flip Flops are to be used for the showers and swim dock area only. They are not to be worn around camp and are not allowed in the dining hall. Bare feet are never allowed in camp and shoes must be worn at all times.

We cannot be responsible for your personal equipment. Therefore if you choose to bring a bike, kayak, etc., we will need to know in advance. You will need to sign a release form in the office.

Car Owners: If you bring a car to camp, we ask you NOT to loan your car to others. Please bring a spare set of car keys to be kept in the camp office for emergencies.

Personal Lockers: A small metal locker w/padlock is provided in the staff room for your personal items and valuables (i.e. passport, money, personal medications, camera…).