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Pleasant Mountain One Month at a Time

Recently, I celebrated my 30th birthday, and I’m pleased to say I’ve still spent over half of the summers of my life at Wyonegonic. Like so many other girls, Wyo has always been my special place. Over sixteen summers, it’s where I learned to love the outdoors, to challenge myself, and how to have fun. It’s where I made lifelong friends and formed many of my fondest memories. I started going to Wyo as an 8-year-old camper in 1992; nine years later I got my wiggie chair as an AC, and I only took one year off before spending six more summers as a senior counselor. As both camper and counselor, I especially loved going on trips or hanging from the ropes course. Wyo is also where I developed a strong love of hiking and of the outdoors, passions I’ve carried throughout my life. It’s been about five years since I’ve spent the summer “on the shores,” but I’m looking forward to more Wyo summer adventures in my future.

Unlike most Wyo girls, I have the rare pleasure of calling Denmark, Maine 0-4-0-2-2 my hometown. I grew up on Moose Pond, and I spent my first two summers at Wyo as a day camper. Sometimes, my parents even dropped me off by boat! After several years away, I am now living back in my hometown with my partner Chris and our golden retriever Zoe. This is my first year teaching 8th grade math in Fryeburg. I am lucky to be able to see Wyo throughout the seasons, and Zoe and I often take walks through camp during the fall and winter months. It is a unique pleasure to visit Wyo during these quiet times; it is usually empty and yet it always retains the warmth and spirit of summer. Pleasant Mountain always stands stoically in the background, and the sunsets are just as beautiful.

Inspired by Pleasant Mountain’s everlasting presence at Wyo, this year I made a New Year’s resolution to hike Pleasant during each month of 2013. December 28, Zoe and I finished our last hike! Over the winter, we hiked the cell tower road and telemark skied down; though I won’t say I looked good skiing in the backcountry, I put some turns together! In the spring, we enjoyed the lengthening days and warmer weather. In June, Zoe and I did a solstice sunset hike and watched the moonrise from the summit, and in July/August we enjoyed munching on fresh blueberries. One of my favorite hikes was in September, when Chris, Zoe, and I all participated in the Loon Echo Trek and hiked the whole traverse. The event raises money for Loon Echo Land Trust, a group that has been amazing stewards and caretakers of Pleasant Mountain. We also enjoyed seeing many Wyo folks that day, both on the mountain and driving our drop-off vans!! In the fall, I enjoyed beautiful foliage and the crispness of autumn, and I’ve rounded it all off with two cold and snowy hikes to welcome the return of winter. You can read more details about all of my hikes on my personal blog.

Wyonegonic has always been an influential part of my life, and I’m so thankful for the experiences and relationships I’ve built there over the years. The threads of Wyo are interwoven throughout the rich fabric of my life, and I’m lucky I can visit camp whenever I want. As I begin a new decade, I am looking forward to the ways Wyo will continue to be an important part of my future, and always to my next hike.

Can summer camp help prepare a child for college?

Can going to summer camp as a child make you more prepared for college life? Certainly there are many factors, but being homesick and missing parents is a natural thing for a child who goes away from home for the first time. Camp kids are given the opportunity to practice coping at camp in a supportive environment. Maybe these kids are more able to hit the ground running when they step onto their college campus freshmen year? They have independence, confidence and social skills gained from their summers at camp. They know how to make decisions on their own, make friends and miss home and family in a healthy way. At Wyonegonic we help girls experience all of these things and more! For more information, please read this article from Psychology Today.

Wyonegonic and Winona January Gatherings!

Please come join us for gatherings through-out the east coast in January.  New Campers and prospective families can learn about our programs, meet the directors Carol and Steve Sudduth, ask questions and meet other campers and staff.  Currents campers, families, staff and alumnae are welcome to come visit and share in the fun.  Enjoy the Wyonegonic & Winona  slideshows and pictures from summer 2011!

Locations and dates are listed on our online calendar.

Staff lunch in Lexington prior to gathering. Staff dinner in New York following gathering.

Questions? Contact us at 207-452-2051 or [email protected]

Healthy Kids Outdoors Act

The Healthy Kids Outdoors Act that is being introduced in congress. For those of you interested in following along please visit the American Camp Association website to read the information, download a copy of the act, and see the American Camp Association’s position.

Wyonegonic is proud to encourage active lifestyles, outdoor exploration and appreciation of nature!  We hope their time at camp creates a lifelong love for the outdoors!

Article on the Values of Camp Counseling

Read the interesting article written by a camp counselor working in Washington State about the value of working at a camp for future careers and endeavors.   Everyone at camp learns life skills!  Whether they are first time campers, returning veterans, staff or directors.  Living and working in a community like Wyonegonic is a valuable experience that helps us all grow.


Pleasant Mountain site of Loon Echo Landtrust Fundraiser

The annual Loon Echo Landtrust Hike and Bike Trek occurred on a beautiful fall day, Sept 17th at Pleasant Mountain. Bikers departed from Shawnee Peak Ski area in Bridgton for 25, 50 or 100 mile fundraising rides.  Wyonegonic director, Carol Sudduth and a few Wyo alums participated in the 25 mile loop.

Hikers were transported from the ski area to the Southwest Ridge Trail in Denmark by Wyonegonic vans and volunteer drivers Chris Wentworth and Ceidleigh Bryce.  Hikers then traversed the entire length of Pleasant Mountain ending at the ski area for the celebration BBQ. Thanks and congratulations to all who participated and helped raise money for such a worthy cause! We are all so grateful that so much of Pleasant Mountain is now a protected preserve due to Loon Echo.

Generations of Wyonegonic campers and staff have loved hiking the trails of Pleasant Mountain and enjoying the beautiful views from the top!

Wyonegonic was also the host site for a recent Loon Echo board meeting and luncheon in August.  It is fun to share our beautiful view of Moose Pond and Pleasant Mountain with the people who volunteer their time for Loon Echo.

Wiggie Chairs 2011

Wiggie Chairs were presented to the newest members of the Wyonegonic 10 year club on the final Sunday of camp in the pinegrove.   Congratulations to Karen Grey, Paige Powell, Elizabeth Shribman, Barbie Cobb and Jane Barnard (not pictured).  We look forward to many more summers at camp! Who will be getting their wiggie chairs in 2012?

Junior Maine Guides

Ten Wyonegonic Senior Campers just returned from five days at Junior Maine Guide (JMG) testing camp in Rangley Maine. The girls spent the first three weeks of the summer learning outdoor living skills, studying the map of Maine, identifying trees, honing canoe strokes and chopping and splitting wood for the famous “wet day fire” test. We’d love to congratulate all of the girls for their hard work and dedication to continuing the tradition of JMG at Wyonegonic. Next week our younger campers participating in the Junior Maine Woodsman (JMW) and Maine Woodsman (MW) programs will enjoy their culminating trips and skill testing. Perhaps they are future JMGs! For more information on the JMW, MW and JMG programs please visit Maine Summer Camps’ website.

Two Wyo JMG candidates practice lighting their wet day fire

JMG candidates return to Wyo

Blow Wind Blow!

We had a wonderful windy day for the Wyonegonic Sailing Regatta today.  Congratulations to all of the sailors who participated and a huge THANK YOU to the Wyo sailing staff – you did a great job hosting the event!