Wyonegonic Alumnae AT Thru-hikers

Appalachian Trail markerLiz Staley (Wyo 97-06) and Aislinn Smith (Wyo 97-06) made a pact when they were twelve years old at Wyonegonic to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail someday. Well, that day has come. Before they move to far distant lands, start careers and families, they are going to walk 2,200 miles from Georgia to Maine, in 5 million steps, having awesome adventures, and creating incredible memories. They are joined by Avery Forbes (Wyo 95-01, 05, 10) who is also hiking to raise money for Beardsley Elementary School and Teach for America. She is providing lessons and games for her former students to follow along with her on the trail.

They are about 300 miles into their journey. You can follow their adventures at their Ais, Liz, and Avery’s AT Thru-Hike 2011 blog. Feel free to send them messages of encouragement and support through their blog.

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