COVID-19 Practices

Covid-19 Practices for Summer 2021

As of Jan 1, 2021; Subject to change

Maine summer camps, including our brother Camp Winona, that operated last summer were successful by following guidelines and establishing policy that minimized risk to their camp communities. Wyonegonic is in close contact with camps in Maine and the ACA and will continue to collaborate with other professionals in our industry to set the stage for summer 2021.  

While we can plan using protocols that worked well in 2020 – the unknown future status of the pandemic and availability of universal vaccination and widely available treatment for Covid-19 leaves questions unanswered. Wyonegonic is planning for camp based on the current guidance which was written for summer 2020. We do not expect formalized updated guidance from the State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services to be available until the spring. Preparation for 2021 is a fluid process. 

Our Covid-19 multi-layered prevention and mitigation strategy is a flexible plan that will be adjusted as necessary in the months and weeks prior to camp, depending on regulations and pandemic conditions. Categories of interest include:

  Overall Mitigation of Risk

  • A de-densified smaller overall camp population
  • Reduced “visitor” opportunities and camp community interactions with the public
  • Phased approach to cohort expansion based on hitting healthy camp benchmarks

Pre-arrival (possible expectations)

  • Documentation Journal on low risk pre-camp behaviors submitted upon arrival
  • Camper and staff pre-arrival quarantine – length TBD 
  • Pre-arrival PCR COVID-19 testing (individual/family responsibility) 


  • Camper drop off by auto (limited chaperone service in Boston and Portland) 
  • Health screening
  • Covid-19 Testing options under consideration


  • Cabin Groups, Families, Neighborhood Pods and Units
  • Families eat and initially program together (2 or 3 cabin groups)
  • Families are phased into expanded Pods, followed by Unit Groups
  • Unit cohorts remain intact with restricted interaction between other Units
  • Distancing and facial coverings used as appropriate between Cohorts 


  • Outdoor program space utilized as much as possible
  • Initial program will be within “Families” and phase into Pods and Units
  • Reduced out of camp “public” program offerings
  • Reduced inter and intra camp mixing
  • Facial coverings used indoors in common buildings
  • New capacity limits on indoor spaces

Food Service 

  • Dining Hall – adjusted sanitation practices
  • Staff served buffet meals
  • De-densified meal time shifts by Unit
  • Outside eating spaces used as much as possible

Sanitation and Cleaning plan

  • Excellent individual hand/respiratory hygiene
  • Enhanced sanitation practices
  • Drinking water distribution
  • PPE – Facial masks and social distancing as appropriate 
  • Common indoor building space including bathrooms and showers: assignments and use


  • Staff Training in conjunction with quarantine on property prior to camper arrival
  • Commuting staff – restrictions on interactions with resident camp population
  • Resident staff – belong to a Family, Pod and Unit
  • Restrictions on time off locations both in camp and out of camp (details TBD)

 Health Center Services

  • Public Health Consultants and Pediatricians for planning and strategy
  • Day to day clinic procedures
  • Medication dispensing
  • Ongoing health and temperature checks
  • Documentation of immunized person(s) within the camp community
  • COVID-19 impacts
    • testing as necessary 
    • positive case isolation plan
    • close contact quarantine plan 

Family Camp

  • Anticipate proof of negative PCR test inside 72 hours prior to arrival
  • Required Health history and health screening upon arrival
  • Family Group Cohort for meals and activities
  • Other interactions all with distancing and mask protocols
  • Reduced program offerings
  • Modified food service

Health and safety are the top priorities at Wyonegonic. As the year progresses, any information regarding operational guidance from the CDC and State of Maine authorities will be shared as appropriate. Wyonegonic reserves the right to make changes to the camp program, sessions and dates as necessary, based on CDC or Maine State guidelines.