FAQ’s and Staff Video

Camp Life

  • [slider title=”Is there a dress code?”]Staff wear camp uniform during the camper season. The colors are white, forest green and khaki (beige, tan, stone are acceptable). Typically staff wear khaki shorts and a white or green camp t-shirt. Camp will provide Wyonegonic T-Shirts.[/slider]
  • [slider title=”Where do staff live?”]Most counselors live with campers in our beautiful lakeside cabins. The cabins are rustic with no electricity or plumbing. Toilets and shower facilities are centralized and close by. Male staff, trip leaders and support staff live in shared staff housing.[/slider]
  • [slider title=”Is there a place in camp to keep personal belongings?”]Your cabin is shared space with campers so valuables, electronics and medications cannot be stored there. Each counselor is given a small locker in the staff room as a secure place to store these items. Counselors will also have personal cubby space in the staff room.[/slider]
  • [slider title=”Will I have access to the internet?”]Yes, there is a shared computer in each staff room. We ask staff to be considerate of others. There is a Wi-Fi signal in each staff room. Internet service can be spotty because we are in a remote location.
  • [slider title=”Will my cell phone work at camp?”]Service depends on your carrier. AT&T, TMobile, Virgin and similar GSM services do not have coverage on camp property. We ask that all phones and electronics are kept and charged in the staff room. You will not be allowed to carry your phone around camp. Use is for staff room only or out of camp on time off. Part of the beauty of Wyonegonic is living in a simple and rustic environment.
  • [slider title=”What is the time off policy?”]Staff have one full day off plus one additional evening out each week during the camper summer. During a typical day at camp our goal is to give you an hour of free time.
  • [slider title=”What do staff do on their time off?”]There is so much to do in our area. We are within a one hour drive of the ocean beaches to the east and the mountains to the west. The city of Portland offers dining, shopping and movies. We are close to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. North Conway is a fun village with good restaurants, outlet shopping, rivers and great mountain hiking. Some staff choose to remain in camp, pack a lunch and explore Moose Pond. You can paddle to one of our nearby campsites for a day of relaxing, reading and swimming.
  • [slider title=”Do we sing camp songs?”]Singing is a long time tradition at camp. Songs are sung throughout the day including after meals and before bedtime. We will teach camp songs so all staff and campers feel included. If you want to get a head start on learning Wyonegonic songs we have songs in the staff handbook and on the website.
  • [slider title=”What is the food like?”]We are very fortunate to have wonderful and nutritious food service at camp. We offer a vegetarian alternative. We promise you will eat well while at camp! Please notify us if you have any dietary needs before arriving.

Application Process

  • [slider title=”How long will I be at camp?”] A typical Wyonegonic counselor is at camp for approximately 9 weeks that includes an intensive week of pre-camp training and two days of post camp after the campers depart.  In 2014, these dates are June 18 – August 14. Many counselors arrive earlier in June to receive certification training for their specific activity areas. We also have work available for some staff during our family camp sessions that extend until the end of August.  Support Staff are at camp for 9-12 weeks[/slider]
  • [slider title=”What is the application process?”] First we ask that you fill out the online application. This preliminary application helps us contact you and see your preliminary information, skills and interests. We will then contact you for an introductory phone call. If things look promising that you and Wyonegonic are a good match, we will ask you to complete our full staff application, provide reference checks and arrange an interview. Upon final review and deliberation, a job offer may be made.[/slider]
  • [slider title=”What are the job requirements?”] Staff must be at least 19 years of age or have just finished their freshman year of college. All staff must be positive role models for children and willing to work in our simple outdoor residential environment.  We do not hire people who smoke or use drugs. Other job requirements and experience vary according to position.[/slider]
  • [slider title=”I have never been to camp before…should I apply?”] Do you love working with children? Do you have a passion for the outdoors?  Are you willing to give your time and energy to training? We are happy to talk to you in detail about camp life if you apply. It is important to make sure that you and Wyonegonic are a good match![/slider]

If you have any questions that are not covered here, please contact the Wyonegonic Office.