Camp can be that ideal combination for a child – a most enjoyable experience that also provides growth and development. We want to assure a camp atmosphere that is happy, healthy and meaningful. The tone is one of cooperation rather than competition. We encourage campers to try new activities, to concentrate on areas of particular interest for in-depth instruction, and to explore their creativity and curiosity. Counselors guide their campers in setting weekly goals and selecting a well-rounded program. Our aim is to have each camper grow toward her potential through the acquisition of skills and self-improvement.

We want our campers to gain self-confidence and have a relaxing and satisfying summer. We want campers to feel emotionally and physically safe away from home. Small group-living is the key to the Wyonegonic experience. We strive for harmony and try to build a community of trust and respect.  Canoe and hiking trips contribute to this small group awareness while also showing campers the beauty of the outdoor world.

As Directors, we remain in close contact with the campers and staff.

Carol, Steve, David and Susie Sudduth

“It is hard to express how you shaped my life. As a child, Wyo was a place for me to escape. It supported and nourished my character and dreams. It was a place to challenge myself, dream about life and relationships, and be guided by some amazing role models. I formed some of the most important friendships of my life – friendships I still cultivate and treasure.  Thank you for your passion and commitment to supporting and educating girls in such a special way. My children are incredibly fortunate to benefit from your guiding hand and fearless leadership”

from an alum and camp parent