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Registration and Enrollment

Camp Life:

If you have any questions that are not covered here, please contact the Wyonegonic Office.

Wyonegonic and Winona travel to several cities in winter months to offer new and returning families a chance to visit with the Directors and learn more about camp. We will also visit in your home or town at your request. Studying the website, brochure, video, speaking with families and spending time discussing your questions with Wyonegonic are all helpful in determining if your daughter is ready for camp. If you are planning ahead for summers in the future, we love to have you visit Wyonegonic during the camp season.Powered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.5
You may submit a registration anytime as long as you feel comfortable about Wyonegonic being the right fit for your daughter.  Returning campers submit their returning registrations and deposits by October 15th to ensure their space for the following summer.Powered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.5
Because of our high return rates and requests for full season, it is common for us to have a waitlist in Senior Camp (age 13-15). The waitlist is established by the date the Wyonegonic office receives the completed registration and accompanying deposit. The waitlist is specific to session request and grade level. Immediate acknowledgement of registrations will be sent. At that time, you will be notified if your daughter is waitlisted. We call the next applicant on the waitlist when cancellations occur.Powered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.5
Space depends on age and session. There are many reasons why it is beneficial for your family to decide upon the ideal session length prior to the summer. Please call the camp office if you would like to discuss this matter.Powered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.5
Not at all! Many campers arrive at camp midseason. Staff and 7-week campers welcome new arrivals and assist in each camper’s adjustment. The new girls participate in an orientation to acclimate them to their program choices.Powered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.5
We give careful consideration to cabin assignments. One of the purposes of camp is to meet new people from different places. We purposefully attempt to provide a geographic mix and normally we avoid placing best friends from home in the same cabin.Powered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.5
We encourage parents to visit once per session. Visits may occur any time after the first 10 days or before the last 2 days of a session. Parents are welcome to join their daughters for camp fun including buffet lunch, Saturday evening cookouts or special events. Parents may also sign their daughter out of camp for the day.Powered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.5
Campers have time to write letters during recreational time and rest hour. We encourage parents to write two to three times a week. Daily correspondence has a propensity to bring on homesickness. Care Packages should be limited to a maximum of one per session (essentials only and no food allowed). Phone calls are not permitted. Parents may call the directors if they have concerns at any time up until 10pm each evening..Powered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.5
Family members can visit once a week on Sundays after lunch (excluding the first Sunday of the session). The visit alternates each week at Winona or Wyonegonic.Powered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.5
Campers who have never been to sleep away camp benefit from sleepovers with friends or relatives. Prepare your daughter with positive encouragement and focus on the fun and exciting things she will do at camp, rather than the things she will miss at home. Speak to other families who have gone through the process and utilize Wyonegonic as a resource. Prior to the camp season, we will send helpful information to review with your daughter that will assist in the transition from home to camp.Powered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.5
We expect campers to experience homesickness in different ways. It is very normal to miss home. Counselors are trained to look for signs and seek out necessary assistance.  Because camp is fun, active, and campers are surrounded by peers, the problem usually resolves itself. More challenging cases are handled by our nurses and directors on an individual basis. It is extremely unusual for a child to leave camp.Powered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.5
Campers with birthdays are the exception to the phone call policy. Parents may call in at meal times for a birthday phone call. Birthdays are celebrated with a small cake enjoyed by the camper’s cabin group.Powered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.5
There is no electricity in camper cabins but all main buildings have power. Toilets, sinks and showers are centralized and conveniently located.Powered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.5
We do not permit cell phones, MP3 players, e-Readers, laptops, or any other electronic device. If a child needs a phone for her travels, we have a system for storing them in an office lock box for safe keeping. Disposable cameras are preferable to those that require recharging.Powered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.5
Your daughter will choose her activities after she arrives at camp. You can give suggestions to her prior to the summer, but we believe girls learn a lot about making decisions and setting goals by setting their own schedule. She will have the guidance from her counselor and the Program Director. Programming is chosen weekly which allows for change and variety. This allows her to focus on areas of personal interest and to try new things.Powered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.5
We try to keep camp life simple and personal space in the cabins is quite limited. Wyonegonic laundry is subcontracted and goes off property once per week and returns after 24 hours. We recommend enough clothing for nine days. All camp families will be sent a packing list.Powered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.5
All health issues including diet restrictions or food allergies must be notated on the health form and have full disclosure from the camper’s primary physician. The review of health forms initiates “need to know” information that is shared with appropriate staff. Parents of campers with specific health needs often speak with camp nurses prior to the summer. Food allergies are monitored carefully. Severe diet restrictions (i.e.: gluten free or celiac disease) often necessitates a meeting between parents, the Health Center Supervisor and Food Services Director. Parents may then provide supplemental food that will be dispensed by the Health Center and the Head Chef.Powered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.5