Job Descriptions

Cabin Counselors live with campers and provide for their daily well being.  Counselors work together with the other staff in their assigned unit. Cabin counselors are also activity instructors and teach an average of 4 lessons each day. Most of our staff are cabin counselors. Click her to view or share our Camp Counselor Flyer

Activity Instructors are responsible for providing quality teaching in their assigned specialty. Many activities require certification or training which is offered by Wyonegonic in June. Activity instructors are responsible for providing a safe environment and quality instruction that is fun for the camper. Instructors also plan lessons and record achievement for each camper. Most activity instructors are also cabin counselors.

Activity Supervisors take on additional responsibility by overseeing their activity area.  Duties include maintaining equipment and supplies, oversight of lesson planning and camper achievement system, safety standards and pre-camp preparations.  Supervisors have documented experience in teaching their activity area and have the leadership skills needed to organize, delegate and assess the performance of staff.

Horseback Riding Staff live at the stables and are responsible for the care of our horses. The Horseback Riding Director is the primary instructor and is also responsible for the scheduling of lessons and supervision of instructors. Additional riding staff schedules revolve around the five instructional activity periods and the daily care of the horses and stables. In addition, we hire several cabin counselors each season with a background in riding who can also assist with lessons.

Trip Leaders are counselors who have the responsibility for taking campers on out-of-camp trips ranging from one to six days. The trip leader performs their job according to Wyonegonic program beliefs, ACA Standards and Maine State requirements. The goal of our trip program is to provide a safe, small group experience that offers adventure and challenge, appreciation for the outdoors and opportunity to share responsibility. The trip leaders need to be a minimum of 21 years old and have a clean driving record. They should be comfortable leading hiking, backpacking and canoe trips with children.  This position requires certifications that are offered by Wyonegonic in June (Wilderness First Aid, American Canoe Association Instructor, Waterfront Lifeguard, and Maine Trip Leader.) Click here to view our Trip Leader Flyer

Health Center Staff are registered Registered Nurses or Doctors who cover the Health Center 24 hours a day on a rotating schedule. They are responsible for the general health and safety of all campers and staff along with distributing daily medications and responding to emergencies.

Kitchen and Sanitation Assistants work on a team that assists the chefs in the kitchen and dining hall. Job duties include dish-washing, cleaning the dining hall, food preparation, supervising the buffet table and salad bar, restocking food items, and assisting with inventory. On a shared, rotating schedule, kitchen assistants are also responsible for cleaning and sanitizing the bathrooms and showers throughout camp.

Maintenance Staff are assigned duties that include trash removal, grounds maintenance, building maintenance, repairs, cleaning, sanitation and care of camp vehicles. Staff drive camp vehicles and support all camp operations. Applicants need to be a minimum of 21 years old and have a clean driving record.  Most maintenance staff arrive at camp in early June to help prepare camp for the season and work through the end of August.

Office Support Staff are responsible for general office duties including phone coverage, data entry, mail sorting, photo copying and interacting with staff and parents. A friendly and courteous attitude is a must, along with a proficiency in computer skills.