Unit Staff Schedules

A Typical Day – Unit Staff

There are surprisingly few “typical” days, but that is part of the beauty of camp. We have opportunities to be flexible, add the element of surprise and even do some creative or crazy things . . . as long as we do them with careful planning and safety foremost in mind.

Additional responsibilities will vary but the list below shows daily expectations. Camp counselors must be flexible and willing to take on additional duties when needed.  Our goal is to schedule each counselor one hour of free time during the day.  Since we are taking care of children in residence it truly is a 24/7 experience!


  • Wake campers
  • Accompany campers to the Cobb Dining Hall
  • Sit at assigned tables and monitor dining hall behavior
  • Supervise cabin-clean up with campers
  • Teach 2 or 3 activity periods
  • Supervise campers during unstructured time in cabins or at free swim


  • Accompany & account for campers at buffet lunch on the Cobb Dining Hall Porch


  • Rest hour. Counselors retire to cabins for quiet time with their campers
  • Teach 2-3 activity periods
  • Supervise campers during unstructured time in cabins or at free swim
  • Accompany campers to dinner


  • Evening program “EP” – We ask all unit staff to participate with the campers. You will be expected to take your turn leading and organizing an EP each week with a partner.  You will select and plan an appropriate activity that is fun, safe and age appropriate. Most EP’s fall in the category of creative fun (scavenger hunts, skits, dance parties, team games…)
  • Bedtime– We expect you to spend quality time with your campers at the close of the day. Come prepared with ideas to help settle the girls for the night – reading a book, writing in journals, sharing highlights of the day . . . You are to remain in the cabin until campers are quiet and settled.
  • After Bedtime – Each night a percentage of staff in each unit are “on duty”  (rotating schedule) and stay on the cabin-line to monitor campers.  On Duty (OD) staff have a radio for communication with other Units and the Camp Director. The rest of the staff enjoy free time or socializing in the staff room.
  • Cabin counselors sleep in their cabins each night and are considered on call for your campers and any emergencies 24 hours a day.

“Last summer I met so many amazing people, both campers and staff, and felt like I was making a difference. I love that camp is a place where everyone can be themselves and not feel judged and I want to help girls feel that, all while having fun and learning new things.”

from a first year camp counselor