The Wyonegonic Program offers flexibility within a general structure. Waterfront and outdoor activities dominate a program that offers a wide range of traditional camp activities. Each camper designs her own schedule consisting of five activity periods each day. Swim lessons are required for all campers. Our Junior and Intermediate campers can also choose activities as a week long focus for in-depth instruction. For new campers, classes in the Outdoor Living Skills Program are required as preparation for out of camp trips. A daily choice activity completes the five activity periods. Schedules change weekly so campers have the ability to try many new things. Senior camp runs a separate program with increased daily choice and flexibility as well as several activities that are available only to the teenagers.

In addition, unstructured times during each day offer girls a chance for creative play with friends, free swim, reading, writing letters or simply absorbing the beauty of their surroundings. Evening programs each night offer the unit a chance for fun and laughter, creativity and entertainment. Special events and traditions weave through our program to keep camp life active, varied and most of all…FUN!