Camper Mail

Before camp, please review USPS guidelines with your daughter: the correct way to address an envelope; paper only in an envelope; and use of blue or black ink; limiting sizes and color of envelopes. Please send normal size envelopes that are white since we stamp all outgoing mail with a postage meter. The meter has red ink and does not show up on dark-colored paper or envelopes.

Care packages are limited to one per camper per session. No food or candy is permitted – it will get returned to the sender or eaten by staff.

Suggestions for care packages are books and small rest hour activities. Remember – everything you send has to get packed up at the end of the summer. Many campers do not have extra space.

Campers love to receive letters. Wyonegonic strongly encourages handwritten letters as a way of correspondence. We suggest two letters per week as a guideline. (Daily letters are not recommended as they can contribute towards extended homesickness or fear of missing what occurs at home).

mail and packages

Campers are expected to write parents at least twice a week. Be patient because mail is slow. It is normal for girls to miss home, family friends and pets. It can be common for parents to receive directed at feelings of separation and missing “home” in the beginning. Keep in mind they are writing letters during rest hour or unprogrammed time. Most campers are well adjusted and busy during the day. Reply to them with supportive, calm and positive messages. Use words like “love” instead of “miss.” Call the directors if you feel homesickness still lingers.

 Alternative to Postal Mail

Although traditional letter writing is still strongly encouraged, you do have the option to electronically communicate with your camper and view limited camp photos using the Parent Login. Please note your camper will not have access to a computer. The electronic letters will be treated just like postal mail in camp; distributed once a day through the Camp Office.

Campstamps must be purchased directly through your Parent Login using a credit card. Unused Campstamps rollover from year to year.