Creative Arts

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Through creative arts, each camper has an opportunity to express her innate talents or try something new.

Arts and Crafts: Campers explore their creativity by using a variety of different media. Popular choices are friendship bracelets, paper mache, tie-dye, candle making, collage, mobiles, mailboxes, etc. A favorite special treat is a hike to a covered bridge near the camp property for a sketching class. Senior campers often have opportunities for more advanced drawing or painting classes.

Girls who are enjoying their 5th year at Wyonegonic receive a canoe paddle as a gift. Following camp tradition, the girls get to paint and individualize their paddles.

Pottery: The girls design and create their own clay projects through hand building techniques and have the chance to fire and glaze their work. The girls are welcome to take their creations home with them at the end of the summer. Many campers take this opportunity to create gifts for their family and friends.

Music/Drama: Each unit performs a musical production each session. The girls who are interested can all participate.  They work hard on their lines, choreography, songs and set design. We have performed musicals such as The Little Mermaid, Newsies, and the Jungle Book in recent years. Girls can also participate in chorale singing, drama or improv classes. Campers sing on the trails and lakes, in the dining hall and at the close of each day. We encourage campers who play musical instruments to bring them to camp for practice and opportunities to perform at Saturday camp fires or Sunday Grove services.

Dance: We offer a variety of options including traditional, modern and cultural dance. Campers often participate in developing the choreography and have opportunities to perform. Yoga and aerobics are often popular activities as well.

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