Horseback Riding

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Wyonegonic offers a horseback riding program to all interested campers at no additional cost. We have a fully equipped stable area with 10 horses, a riding ring, and a network of trails on Wyonegonic’s property.  Riding staff live and work at the stables full time.  Counselors accompany the campers to their lessons and act as additional assistants in the barn and ring.

Riding is an optional activity and most campers have one to three opportunities to get to the stables each week depending on camper interest, trip schedules and weather.

Beginning Riding Lesson

English Riding Lessons:

Many campers are getting their first introduction to horses at camp.  Our riding staff teach the girls how to be safe and comfortable around horses.  They also learn beginning riding skills with a counselor close by which helps to slowly increase the confidence of new riders.  As the girls progress they are placed in classes with other campers at the same skill level. Intermediate and advanced riders continue to work on their equitation and horse care skills.

Advanced Rider Jumping

Advanced riders jump small cross rails no higher than two feet. Older girls with strong horse skills have the opportunity to gain additional hands on stable experience through our Wrangler Program. They learn to care for the horses and stables and can help as leading assistants on trail rides for younger campers.  A huge honor for the advanced riders is to be chosen to be a part of the Wyonegonic Drill Team.  The girls on the drill team create and practice an exciting choreographed routine set to music, which is then performed at the annual Horse Show.

Exploring Wyonegonic Property on Horseback

Trail Rides:

Exploring the Wyonegonic property by horseback is a great way to spend a summer afternoon. Trail rides are available to all levels of riders and vary in length and difficulty. A popular activity is a  trail ride to the Sudduth Farmhouse.

Special Events:

Campers that show special interest in horseback riding may be invited to participate in a barn overnight. Girls camp out in a tent at the stables and learn from the staff first-hand more about the feeding and care of the horses. Campers can participate in special events with the horses. The Gymkhana involves a variety of games on horseback for all skill levels.  It is a perfect way for beginner riders to show a sense of accomplishment by participating in games like the egg and spoon, costume race, pole bending, relays and bobbing for apples! We also host the Wyonegonic Horse Show where girls can show their newly acquired riding skills in lead line, walk, trot, canter and jumping classes. Everyone gets a ribbon! The horse show is concluded by the performance of the Wyonegonic Drill Team where advanced riders create a choreographed routine set to music. Of course there is a costume class where the horses are dressed up by teams of campers!


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